Girl discovers prehistoric fossil

21 Mar

Isle of Wight girl discovers prehistoric fossil…
Daisy Morris, now 9, has uncovered an unknown prehistoric dinosaur which is to be called Vectidraco Daisymorrisae in honor of this great discovery in 2009.  She came across this fanatastic  artifact 4 years ago but only now have scientists proved that it was the pelvic gerdal from a flying reptile, from about 125 million years ago.   What is extraordinary about this case is that the fossil did not wash away due to an eroding coast line .
”Fossil Man” Mr Martin  Simpson said this was an example of how ”major discoveries can be made by anyone.  I thought I was looking at something very special and I was right.”
Mother of daisy morris, Sian, told us that Daisy was interested in fossil hunting from a very young age and that she came across the  ”bones sticking out of the sand ” in 2009 when she was just 4 years old when she was taking a stroll on the beach.
By Millie


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