South Korea hacked off by cyber attack

21 Mar

The recent cyber attack against South Korea has been traced to an IP address in China.

These hackers took down six organisations; affecting around 32,000 computers in South Korea. Although the IP address has been traced to China, there is no certainty that the hackers were from China as you can disguise your IP address so it will appear to originate from another country.

Many South Koreans are suspicious of North Korea’s involvement as the two countries have been involved in many disputes in recent years.

The attack comes weeks after North Korea’s third nuclear test in one month. North Korea’s nuclear history has been in dispute ever since May 2010 when the North Koreans were accused of exporting missile technology to Burma, Syria and Iran, in spite of a UN Ban.

Could North Korea have been involved in supplying missiles that were used in the recent uprising?

Today North Korea also threatened to use nuclear weapons in an attack of the US bases in Japan. The threat comes after the Americans performed a military training exercise with the South.

The Americans used their B52 Bomber, capable of carrying 20 nuclear cruise missiles, during the training drill. 10,000 South Korean troops and 3,000 American troops were involved in the war games.


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